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The Works of Edward Gorey 

Most Certainly About Mr. Gorey

Floating Worlds from Pomegranate
Edward Gorey in Japan in the East Wing
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Gorey Primary Books List

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Edward Gorey: His Book
Cover Art & Design

now on bookstore shelves. Arguably Gorey's most visible contribution to book publishing, Book Cover
Art & Design
opens with an essay by design master Steven Heller. Read our review!

Swann Galleries June 10th auction has interesting Gorey artwork, posters and ephemera going under the hammer, including two super-sized Dracula posters.

Christopher Seufert's Edward Gorey documentary set for July 1 release. More at the Edward Gorey film Facebook page.

G is for Gorey, C is for Chicago wins American Library Association's John Cotton Dana Award for Loyola's public outreach for the exhibitions

But I Thought It Was a First Edition
To help separate the wheat from the reprints, peruse the illustrated bibliography of Gorey's primary works. View alphabetically or chronologically.

The Play's the Thing
Seen by few, Gorey's theatrical productions live on in the art he used to promote them. Works commissioned for other theatrical productions on view as well.

Desperately Seeking Gorey
Look for the Serious Collectors link in our illustrated bibliography pages. Makes finding scarcities a tad too easy.

One-click searching for eBay, Abebooks, and Amazon!

Give the Gift of Gorey
Who sells all those bat tees, posters, lunch boxes, sterling silver Doubtful Guest pins, calendars, and of course - books? Find out at the Edward Gorey Marketplace. Open 24/7.

Goreyography Reviews
Recent books:
..The Tunnel Calamity
..Betrayed Confidence Revisited
..Cottage Classics
..The Adventures of Gremlin

Recent events:
..Edward Gorey House's 2012 Season
..Elegant Enigmas tours the country
..Edward Gorey House's 2010 Season

Guest reviews & interviews:
..John Carollo on 'Musings' exhibit
..Kevin McDermott interview
..Lloyd Ellis on Gorey End

The Backroom:
Original Gorey Art!

It's where the special goods are kept. Now, booksellers are bringing original Gorey art out to the open Net. Come in, and take a look.

Those Paperback Covers!
Since 1953, Gorey designed and illustrated dozens of mass market paperback covers. See over 60 covers on exhibit.

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