Gilbert & Sullivan

Act I backdrop

Sets, Poster, Costume Design
Edward Gorey

Presented by
North Haven Community School
and North Haven Arts & Enrichment
May 26 - 29, 2005 at the Waterman's Community Center, North Haven, Maine

Directed by
John Wulp and Ken Jones

Photographs by
Kevin McDermott

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Gorey's Yum-Yum sketchthree maids

Gorey's Katisha costume sketchAviva Rahmani as Katisha

Gorey's Pooh-BahGreg Quinn as Pooh-Bah

Act II backdrop

Gorey's Nanki-PooMike Weber as Nanki-Poo

Gorey's Pish-TushJamie Thomas as Pish-Tush

Gorey's Mikado posterJohn Sommo as The Mikado

Thomas Sommo as Ko-Ko

drop curtain

Mikado sideboard
North Haven production broadside

The Mikado
Written by Gilbert & Sullivan

[ Kresge Theatre, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, 1983 ]

Scenery and Costume Design by Edward Gorey
Costume fabric graciously donated by Laura Ashley, Inc.
Music Directed and Conducted by Keith Lockhart
Choreography by Judith Ann Conte
Directed by Mel Shapiro

John Wulp, Consultant

Leslie Ellis, Portia Kamons, Wiley M. Kidd, Jr., Micheal O'Shea, Susan Parker, John Scherer, Paul Schoeffler, Kristina Smith, Karen Sullivan, Davidson Thompson

[ Waterman's Community Center, North Haven, Maine, 2005 ]

Set and Costume Design by Edward Gorey
Musical Direction by Charles Brown, Jr.
Directed by John Wulp and Ken Weeks

Backdrops Painting by Sue McElhaney, John Biz, Derek Dickinson, John Wulp, Ken Weeks
Costume Construction by Carrie Brezzo, Sally Robbins

Amilia Campbell, Eva Hopkins, Kelsey Jones, Greg Quinn, Aviva Rahmani, John Sommo, Thomas Sommo, Jamie Thomas

Photographs of costumes, performers and stage sets by Kevin McDermott 2005 and are used by permission.
Photographs of Gorey's costume designs by Glen Emil.
Goreyography is grateful to Keely Felton, Programs Director of NHA&E, and Kevin McDermott for their kind assistance. For information about North Haven Arts & Enrichment, visit www.waterman'