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A review of
the 4th Anthology

Amphigorey Again

Amphigorey Again, Nov 2006

Available Oct 31 2006

Hardcover: 260 pages
Publisher: Harcourt Books
ISBN: 0-15-101107-9

Amphigorey series now complete

Reviewed 28 Sept 2006
by Glen Emil

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1 October 2006      Special to Goreyography

A mphigorey Again is the fourth, and possibly last, anthology of works by American author and artist Edward St. John Gorey (1925-2000). Picking up where the previous anthology Amphigorey Also (1983) left off, Amphigorey Again reaches as far back as 1968 with the inclusion of The Other Statue and Categor y in 1974, at the same time encompassing the last of Gorey’s work with The Headless Bust (1999). Even with the 29 works in this volume, there’s still a tidy handful of his books left waiting in the wings. Several popular titles may have been excluded because they were collaborations or movable or cut-apart books, thereby tough to represent in 2D. It may be a while henceforward before we see another like compendium. With that in mind – get it! – be it indispensable or naught.

What lies within?

   The Galoshes of Remorse, a periodical illustration

   Signs of Spring, a newspaper feature

   Seasonal Confusion, a newspaper feature

   Random Walk, a newspaper feature

   Categor y, trade publication

   Bibliophile (unlisted pen and ink and watercolor illustration)

   The Other Statue, trade publication

   10 Impossible Objects (abridged), pen and ink illustrations

   The Universal Solvent (abridged), privately published

   Scènes de Ballet, privately published postcards

   Verse Advice, a newspaper feature

   The Deadly Blotter: Thoughtful Alphabet XVII,
   privately published

   Creativity, a periodical pen and ink illustration

   The Retrieved Locket, privately published

   The Water Flowers, trade publication

   The Haunted Tea-Cozy, trade publication

   Christmas Wrap-Up, a pen and ink and watercolor illustration

   The Headless Bust, trade publication

   The Just Dessert: Thoughtful Alphabet XI, privately

   The Admonitory Hippopotamus, a previously unpublished

   Neglected Murderesses, privately published postcards

   Tragédies Topiaries, privately published postcards

   The Raging Tide, trade publication

   The Unknown Vegetable, privately published

   Random Walk, a newspaper feature

   Serious Life: A Cruise, a newspaper feature

   Figbash Acrobate, privately published

   La Malle Saignante, a previously unpublished work

   The Izzard Book, by Mrs. Regera Dowdy, a previously
   unpublished work

Two previously unpublished works, The Admonitory Hippopotamus and The Izzard Book, are supposedly unfinished. The other unpublished work, La Malle Saignante is wonderfully conceived and realized; I wonder why it never made it to the bookshelves. But it is The Admonitory Hippopotamus I am especially fond. A compact epic, a touching and vivid portrayal, it is all text. Originally announced in the first Amphigorey back in 1972, I always kept a third eye out for its debut. Though it lacks illustrations, I easily let my mind cast the parts of Angelica and Sneezby with Gorey demoiselles and hippo in the manner of The Nursery Frieze (1964) – and am pleased as punch it’s included.

The newspaper and periodical features are pleasing treasures. Unless one was diligently clipping NY Times Magazine and NY Times Book Review and the like, one would’ve missed most of these. These seasonal limericks and short stories remind me how versatile Gorey was with the English, and occasionally French, languages. His Dogear Wryde postcard series, like Tragédies Topiaries, are strong examples of Gorey’s ability to tell stories in a similarly abbreviated medium, nearly all resemble well-articulated storyboards.

Amphigorey Again can also be called The Colorful Compendium – it has twelve works in full spectrum Gorey palette. Works in color previously appeared only once in the first anthology, twice in the third. The twelve works in this volume vary wildly in range and palette, but I find Gorey’s subdued tints very nicely done, especially in Galoshes and Random Walk.

But what I really like is Gorey’s acres of black & white, pen & ink hatching & cross-hatching – and Gorey went to town in La Malle Saignante. The story could have fallen from a Louis Feuillade notebook, but the artwork is thick with graphic motifs used in earlier works like The West Wing (1963) and The Gilded Bat (1966). The density of hatch & x-hatch, if measured in strokes-per-inch, seems as painful as it is beautiful to regard. One can only hope Gorey enjoyed creating these as much as we enjoy soaking them in. Like so many other Edward Gorey classics, the closer one looks, the more one is drawn in.

    “ The hippopotamus peered out at her from
      behind the altar.

      ‘Fly at once!’ he said. ‘All is discovered.’

    -- from The Admonitory Hippopotamus: or, Angelica and
by Edward Gorey

Glen Emil,

Special thanks to Kevin McDermott and Andreas Brown and David Hough at Harcourt their kind assistance.

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