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Goreyography is here to help. Use our Illustrated Bibliography to help spot the real McCoy. First and limited editions of the primary or A-list (in collectors' parlance) titles are only a click away with a Serious Collector Link on every page. Visit Goreyography's Gift Shop if you're looking for cards, calendars, posters, mugs or other licensed souvenirs bearing Gorey.

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Publishes a fresh selection of Edward Gorey books, bookmarks, greeting cards, postcards, calendars, puzzles and otherwise useful items every year! Now located in Portland, Oregon, Pomegranate has been a household name with Gorey fans since 1984.


The ubiquitous eBay.
Check here for an up-to-the-minute search in the US of Gorey books and ephemera awaiting the hammer on eBay. It's fun. It's energizing. It's addictive.

Buyers: Beware. Edition and condition claims should be taken with a grain of salt, so ask detailed questions before bidding.

Consult our bibliographic list. On the brighter side, signed books, original art, etchings, or lithographs do appear, so regular visits are a must.

Sellers: Find the true market value for that Gorey book your aunt gave you years ago. Great for selling scarce items as they tend to go for a premium.
Etsy, the merchandise portal from Brooklyn, also offers quite a lot of scarce books and ephemera!

in the UK acquired the large collection by San Francisco Public librarian and collector David Belch. GoreyBooks is now selling these and other scarce items individually. Drop by GoreyBooks.com to see what's currently available. Fantastic!

Browse every Gorey-related item in this worldwide booksearch portal. Deep and wide are descriptions that come to mind. Used by book professionals (a.k.a. bookfinders, book searchers, special orderists, etc.) to find nearly any book and often, artwork. Many booksellers also use Abebooks as an online catalog of sorts. Simply mouthwatering.

WordPlay and Henry Toledano published Goreyography in 1996. It quickly became a very popular and useful checklist for serious Gorey collectors and booksellers [ever see references to Toledano A97a on eBay? It's because of this book]. No longer in print, used hardcover and paperback copies can be found on Amazon.com.

Be it known that "Goreyography" this website, has no business relationship or affiliation to Toledano's "Goreyography", its publisher or author. Apparently, we both chose the same name at the same time. Maybe something in the water...

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